java unmappable character for encoding

java unmappable character for encoding
Nowadays, many projects contain Java source code that is  UTF-8 encoded, which allows you to add special characters like €, Chinese, Korean, Japanese characters, etc into your Java source code. But this brings a problem when compiling the code in Windows platform. java unmappable character for encoding GBK (or CP1252) If you are using Gradle, ...

Run Gradle JUnit test in particular order

I’ve tried to search for a solution to run gradle JUnit tests in specific order, and here is the easy solution. For example, you want to initialize the test data before running any test, just specify the following include filters in build.gradle.    

Gradle run with Jetty access request log

Introduction The server access log records all incoming requests processed by the server. There’s one entry per request received, in the standard NCSA format. This will allow you to use standard tool like Webalizer to analyze these log files. A typical request log entry includes the remote host/IP address, date, method, URL, result, size, referrer and ...