Speeding ticket cost in Vancouver

Remember any speed over the limit is speeding according to the law. Theoretically you must travel at or under the speed limit. However, often you find cars driving at a higher speed above the speed limit, for example on Kingsway, average speed is 60 km/h, Marine way 65 km/h. But what if you get caught (knock on wood)?

The following examples are just rough estimate, price may change over time. 

1. School zone (30 km/hour)
Example: travel at 45km/h, 15km/h above the limit, fine $196.

2. 60 km/hour zone
Example: It was at a 80km/h zone that JUST changed to a 60km/h zone. The cops were right at the 60 zone sign, you went 15km/h above the limit. Fine $138.

3. 50 km/hour zone
Example 1: you travel at 85km/h, fine $300 – $400
Example 2: you travel at 70km/h, fine $196

Note 1: You pay $25 less than the amount shown on the ticket if it’s paid within 30 days of receiving the ticket.

If you decided to dispute it. If the cop doesn’t show up on the court, then you win in court and you won’t be deemed guilty and won’t have to pay the fine.

Note 2: Your speeding ticket will cost you 3 points. As long as you don’t get another ticket within the same year, you’ll be fine. Can’t recall the exact calculation, but it’s something like more than 4 points within a 12-month period six months prior to your birthday. Something like that. then you could be charged around $300 for 6 points – 2 speeding tickets within the above time frame.

By the way, in BC, the points have nothing to do with your insurance (i.e. more points doesn’t mean insurce hike). it’s quite different here in BC than other places like Ontario.

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