Work at Home – Skills For Success

Although working from home may sounds like too good to be true, it does offer you the flexibility to work on your own schedule and get paid. Of course, working from home require a certain list of skills and personality to be successful. If you’re interested in working from home, here are some of the ...

How to find “Work From Home Jobs”

You can use the following website to search for jobs in various provinces, states, cities in USA, Canada. Here are just some examples, you can change the location to where you want to find “work from home jobs”. Find “Work From Home Jobs” in Ontario In British Columbia In New York

Speeding ticket cost in Vancouver

Remember any speed over the limit is speeding according to the law. Theoretically you must travel at or under the speed limit. However, often you find cars driving at a higher speed above the speed limit, for example on Kingsway, average speed is 60 km/h, Marine way 65 km/h. But what if you get caught ...

Solr WordDelimiterFilterFactory

When implementing a search solution, you often enter a search that you know should match a particular document, but it does not appear in the search results, or even it does, it’s not on the top (most relevant match). Most of the time, this type of mismatch is caused by one of two factors: A ...


1. The problem During load testing, we found our application runs into java.lang.OutOfMemoryError. Here is the stacktrace.

Enable UTF-8 encoding in Solr

In the recent Solr project, my client requested the solr to support Russian (both index and search). For example (find little kittens, the search query looks like)котята Background Solr can index any characters encoded in the UTF-8 charset. There are no known bugs with Solr’s character handling, but there have been some reported issues with ...

Google Search Commands to find resume

Combine those special Google search commands, you can find what you are looking for easily. Paste the following examples into Google’s search box to see the result. 1. How do I find those vertical search engineers with Java, Lucene, Solr, XML, Unix skills in social networking site like LinkedIn or other sites? Example 1: ~engineer “vertical ...

Useful SEO related search commands

1. inurl search Example1: weight loss Example2: weight loss What returned are those pages which contain the “weight loss” keywords and URLs contain “gov” or “edu”. Search specifically in “gov” or “edu” domains, you may find what are more important for you from those sectors. 2. intitle search Example 1: intitle:backlink Search those .edu domain/websites which are ...

How to find reverse links to your website

There are a couple of ways to find reverse links to your website. 1. Google link Example: That will return backlinks to 

“solve” versus “resolve”

You may have the confusion when to use “SOLVE”, when to use “RESOLVE”, is there any difference between those two words? Yes, there’s a big difference between them.