Google Search Commands to find resume

Combine those special Google search commands, you can find what you are looking for easily. Paste the following examples into Google’s search box to see the result.

1. How do I find those vertical search engineers with Java, Lucene, Solr, XML, Unix skills in social networking site like LinkedIn or other sites?

Example 1: ~engineer “vertical search” (Java | Lucene | solr | XML | unix) (inurl:in | inurl:pub) -intitle:directory

Example 2: (intitle:resume | inurl:resume) “vertical search” (Lucene | solr | XML | Unix)

2. HR wants to find some software engineers who have the following skillset

  • Experience with Java, Hadoop, noSQL
  • Experience with PHP is a plus
  • Experience with Amazon web services is a plus
  • Experience with Solr or Lucene is a plus

Example:  (“Software Engineer” | “Software Developer”)(Java | Hadoop | noSQL | AWS |lucene | Solr) (inurl:cv | inurl:resume | intitle:cv | intitle:resume)(filetype:pdf | filetype:rtf | filetype:txt | filetype:doc) (california)

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