Useful SEO related search commands

1. inurl search

Example1: weight loss
Example2: weight loss

What returned are those pages which contain the “weight loss” keywords and URLs contain “gov” or “edu”. Search specifically in “gov” or “edu” domains, you may find what are more important for you from those sectors.

2. intitle search

Example 1: intitle:backlink

Search those .edu domain/websites which are willing to offer you backlink (aka external links) to your site, which in turn, will increase your PR (PageRank) It is said that edu, org, or gov links carry more weight in google than .com links (Boost Your Trust Rank) 🙂

3. allinurl search

Example 1:

Find those educational institutes which offer links

Example 2:*register

Find those educational forum with registration page.

4. Site search

Example 1: “blog” “your keyword”

You may find free .edu backlink for your website and your keyword

5. linkdomain command  (supported in Yahoo only)

Example 1:

Find those sites that have links to, but exclude internal links from

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