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When building, I often need to download massive number of images as the pictures source for the Windows theme packs. Initially I just download the images manually from Google Image Search Result. But this is very time-consuming, so I went to search for quicker ways to download the images. To my surprise, there’s any useful tools out there can do this task. The best I ran into is  “Extract URL from Chris Ainsworth”, basically his idea is to use the JavaScript bookmarklet to extract image search results. Once you have the image URL list, you can then download them using browser’s download manager (or plugin, extension etc)


While his tool does show the URLs, to download the actual images is still a bit tedious. So I modify his original JavaScript to make image download a breeze.

How to extract Google’s Image Search URLs

1. Click the following page to open the bookmarklet web page
Google Image Extractor

2. Go to Google Image Search and perform your search.

With the list of image search results in front of you, click on the bookmarlet which you placed in your toolbar in step 1.

3. As a result you should see a new window open containing something similar to:

4. Copy those curl commands to download the images

curl -O
curl -O
curl -O

Note: if you are using Windows, which doesn’t have “curl” command line, you can download it from one of the following links

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