How do you display WordPress posts in responsive grid, list layout

When designing my hobby website, which offers free theme pack for Windows 7, 8 and 10. I need a plugin that display posts by category, in responsive grid, list layout without coding.

I tried a few plugins such as Post Grid & List for WordPress – Content Views, by PT Guy

This looks pretty good, however, it has two limitations

  • The thumbnail shown in the above grid has to come from the featured picture from your post using media library. I cannot reference to an existing image.
  • It used shortcode to generate grid view, which means, not only do I need a way to query by category, but also have to create shortcode for each category manually.

So I gave up on CV and continued my research, finally I landed on WPAdverts plugin, which is designed to make “classifieds” website, screenshot

The result is very satisfying

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